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Pocket-Sized Prince - Stormy Glenn ...do animals in nature get mates given to them by fate...?It's interesting that the wolf is so wholly a separate being. That's not really typical in M/M. But then...there are moments when it's typical M/M fare, and then times when it goes back to this. The mate thing especially. There were a couple moments they talked of mates as if they were the "fated mates" thing.The whole thing with his wolfy choosing the person or whatever sounds oddly like "fate" to me. Unless the alpha's ruled by his own set of fucked up rules, separate from those of mere mortals.To me, it sounds like there's an element of fate to it all, even if the involved parties are technically given the choice to go through with it or not. There are a bunch of inconsistencies in this thing, but I'll admit I'm fascinated with the dynamic between Iben and Zack.