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Dragon Food - Emily Carrington Wtf is with this "Mawster" business? The term just looks stupid in text. Eh. Whatever, I suppose.The "shark's purse"...come on. "Mermaid's purse." Or "Devil's purse." But "shark's purse"? I don't see the reason for the overraction and it doesn't sound as nice.And dude, these guys have some weird fantasies. I mean, actual conversation? What is this?The whole Reese thing is so vague and convoluted...it's not the whole problem, but it contributes to how damnably difficult it is to follow what the hell is happening.Weird stuff. As it went and as more elements were added, it started falling apart. Devolving into a mass of confused jumble madness.Eh. I dunno if I like it or not. I did, and then I wanted to, and then it was meh and =_=I'm going to put this series to bed for a while and then come back and try the second book. Hopefully it makes sense...