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The Geography Of Murder (Geography of Murder, #1) - P.A. Brown *squintShould he really be offering him absinthe while he's high on Oxys?But you know, what? I like this story. I didn't get into the murder mystery, but then, I rarely do.Word to the wise, though. This thing has no on-screen sex. Which isn't bad in and of itself, but I'd gotten so used to there being pages and pages of gratuitous sex that I was quite jarred that I had nothing to skip (except for the murder mystery investigation part, but then I always skim over that).Yeah.I was a bit disappointed, though, cuz I was looking for something with really intense consensual BDSM, but all that is off-screen. And Alex seemed so damn inept because Jason was high so much. Like, dude. Catch a clue?Reread comments:It's been so long since I've read the first one that I reread it before embarking on bk2.And it just dawns on me that this is set in Santa Barbara (and the surrounding), and while I don't know the city quite that well, I do go to school almost next door to there. How the hell did I miss that the first time?Things got weird when they mentioned Goleta.I dunno. I kind of wig out a bit when real life places are invoked in my fics. It's prolly cuz I'm a high fantasy person mostly.Dresden Files was okay cuz I've never been to Chicago, and also because I'm pretty sure Undertown was mostly fictitious anyways.So, I actually bothered to double-check the Chinese character this time (it's traditional. My background is mainlander; we read simplified).It mostly means to ship, as in ship items. Ship, move, transport, etc.With some other character, it can mean luck or fortune.Fate?Ah. Americans with random Chinese tattoos strikes again.So...no drugs. Oh, except absinthe. You know, rereading was a great idea. This thing includes a narration by Spider regarding steak-grilling, which reminds me of this thing I saw recently:(link grill a manly steak)It's got the sea salt and the pepper thing, no mention of herbs. Although I don't know if Spider got his steak from a butcher (though the dude pictured in the thing doesn't really look that tough. He looks like a poor sod who's being threatened to stand next to the meat and get photographed. His body language is too defensive, not in-your-face enough).