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A Brush with Darkness - Erastes Genius. Absolute genius. The author paints with his words, laying each layer of words as the artist laid down his paint, building the world from the ground up.The narrator comes off as unreliable. It actually reminds me of Rough Canvas. The author manages to capture part of the essence of art, the ephemeral, intangible, but immeasurably intense wisp of genius that inspires masterpieces. The difference between that and this is that the LI in Rough Canvas acted as a steadying influence. It was a point actually made in that, that Marcus served as the tether that kept Thomas grounded.In this, the LI is part of the madness. He's incorporated into the work and enhances the genius of it, even as he serves to unhinge it further.It's quite amazing, actually. When all was made clear, it wasn't the obvious. It was a revelation. It was the finishing touches being put and the final painting jumping into stark relief, that final something intangible that brings it eerily to life.