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Traitor's Moon

Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling No offence, since I'm sure Beka's a wonderful person and all, but who cares?She's neither Alec nor Seregil and her romance is a het romance.The entire thing is rather inscrutable. I don't know if that's my fault for not reading more closely (I admit mostly I'm reading for Seregil/Alec parts and biding my time when it's not about them) or if it's the author's writing style. Probably a bit of both? Either way, the intrigue is not the easiest thing to understand, even the parts they explain.I think part of it is the narration jumps around, sometimes from character to character, even within the same self-contained passage. It splits the focus and gives you a better overall picture, but the details remain hazy. You see more, but at the same time, you see less because you only have a vague idea of a lot of things (as opposed to a clear idea of a few things).Still, it's not bad. It kind of has to be swallowed whole, though.I actually thought Alec and Seregil were quite odd together. There doesn't seem to be any passion between them at all. It's hard to say. I mean, there's not much passion, but they do have an easy camaraderie.And the use of the term "rentboy" was quite at odds with the image it seems like the author was trying to create.I dunno. I'm more mind-boggled by this installment than anything, really. I think the only reason I'd read on from now is because I really have no idea where else this would go. It's already quite scattered.