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The Mirador

The Mirador - Sarah Monette Actually, I might not even read this, cuz it's probably going to be like bk 2 in the Bartimaeus Trilogy - actually, it's got 4 books now, I think - when Nathaniel becomes a complete jack-ass and I didn't really want to read it and it was excruciating and I really wanted him not to be but he was all blinded by his ambition and shit.ARGH. Besides, I still really miss mad-Felix and I think by now he's never really going to come back. *sigh.Anyways, Imma skip to bk 4 cuz I really don't think there's anything disastrous that's going to happen that they can't fix. Besides, there's apparently H/C (real one, this time) b/w Felix and Mildmay in bk4 and then I get to indulge in my head-canon a bit, hopefully.