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Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me If You Can - L.B. Gregg I didn't really like the blurb all that much, but I found this languishing in a folder, so I didn't read the blurb until just now as I was updating my GR....So...let me see if I got this straight. He's having the sexual experience of his lifetime....it was...like nothing I'd ever experienced. Airborne. Wild. Tearing,gripping want ripped through me. I needed him to finish me right now. Right this fucking second. My toes curled. My hands dampened. My nuts shriveled like raisins.O_o His nuts shriveled?Other than that, though...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CHARACTERS. Caesar was kind of useless in the first half, but it was the "Uh...what the hell is going on?" sort of useless that I could believe. It wasn't the weak and ineffectual kind.On a side note, I discovered a new word. I have never heard of "milquetoast" used to mean weak and ineffectual before, but *shrug. Whatever.The Main Couple's interactions were absolutely fantastic.And what's more, I absolutely adore Caesar's family.They're Mafia. How can I, of all people, not like them?Romano and Albright have made it to OTP-land, guys.ETA: I still like them, but I think I have to face the fact that I felt like they were OTP-land material cuz they reminded me so much of Vic and Jacob...The allusions to kitty-loving made me happy, too.I don't read a lot of mystery so idk about the "true" merits of the plot, but I thought it was really well-worked. THE ANSWER WAS RIGHT IN FRONT ME THE ENTIRE TIME O:Awkward turtle moment when I read "treat" as "teat" when Caesar was referring to Dan's dick.But that's okay. I did a double-take, then moved on in the hopes of purging some horrifying mental images.This actually reminded of Psy-Cop, especially with the whole Caesar being shit at dirty talk, but Dan being a veritable master, as we are led to believe. And then Caesar starts getting better with the dirty talk.That was Psy-Cop dynamics there.Actually, now that I think of it, it really does remind me a lot of (the) Psy-Cop (series).Dan, though, is portrayed with his problems, whereas Jacob seemed more wholly infallible. (Not that the Psy-Cop one was bad; the way Jacob was characterized was subtle and very meaningful).This, though, made Dan a more directly relatable person earlier on, but that's what this book needed.This book is great. I just makes me want to yell, "MALARKEY!" Just, you know, for the heck of it. 4 cuz of the couple of weird moments in the book.