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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan It was okay, I guess. I didn't really get a sense of direction, though. There just seemed to be...a miscellaneous bunch of...I don't even know how to describe it. Well, I'd read the second one before I read this one, so I had a lot more background knowledge on Sam+Mitch+Randy...It was weird. Extremely surreal is the only way I can think to explain it. Especially during Sam's little...sabbatical? But I think that may have been the intent. Or the accidental intent. Either way, if I really want to analyze it, it kind of works. (But I suppose this begs the question...if you try hard enough to find meaning for anything, you'll eventually find a meaning for it. And given how subjective the human mind is, I'm sure with enough pondering, you'd be able to convince yourself that it's a good reason, too.I did rather like the ending and the lead-up to the end, though despite the fact that I already knew Mitch would ask Sam to marry him. It was incredibly sweet.