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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5)

The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon Oh. My. Goodness. DAMN.Lanyon has definitely become one of my favorite authors. I'm almost sad this series is over because Adrien has really grown on me. I was sooo happy that he and Jake ended up together. I mean, even after Jake came out and all, I could still see him considering starting over completely in a completely new place.The ending makes me sad, though. I mean, I want them to have an HEA. How the heck is Jake going to explain the DB? I mean, I'd think that he'd be charged with SOMETHING, probably voluntary manslaughter or even second degree murder. Unless Lanyon's explaining it away with the lady from the last book (Frame?)'s statement ("He still has friends in the force.") I don't know...but it still makes me sad, because the Argyle dude would have been charged with 2 counts of murder, but now he's just dead...WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO JAKE? HE NEEDS TO MOVE INTO THE PORTER RANCH HOUSE WITH ADRIEN AND THE CAT AND THE DOG. HE OWES IT TO THE FANGIRLS (and guys?).But seriously. This is a beautifully written book full of heartache and happiness. Again, the mystery and romance are beautifully balanced so neither seem extremely out of place.