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Acquainted with the Night (Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove)

Acquainted with the Night - Tymber Dalton I was originally going to give this a 3 star, as I was approaching (but not quite at) the end, but the ending...it made me cry. Very few things make me cry. I rarely cry, and I cried for the ending. Gah, the tears are still in my eyes.It's long. It's long, and it creates the feel of an entire lifetime. And the epilogue. Oh, my goodness, the epilogue. (It's long, but that just gave the epilogue that much more power, because I felt like I knew - really knew - these characters.)The central idea was rather weird. I don't usually go for mpreg, but this one...actually explained the logistics behind the idea. It was...weird. I'm not even entirely certain why I read it to the end. I know several times I kind of drifted away from reading it, but I always somehow ended up drifting back...The problems one reviewer had with the stereotypes...it worked for me because it was in first person, so I allowed it to reflect the first person's viewpoint.And at first, I thought the title of this book was trite and rang of "trying too hard," but the epilogue (oh, how I repeat myself. ...but it's true) just...made it all better. Revealed something so fundamentally awesome that it wasn't trite anymore and, oddly, fit.End of August 2013 Reread:It's "atypical" according to our standards, yet still so beautiful. The ending still makes me tear up. ...Or rather, actually cry. Yep. I'm actually crying.It's 1AM and I've got tears and snot running down my face.Yes, this book is heavy on certain stereotypes, notedly the whole "humans are evil and aliens are wise noble savages" thing, but the character interactions and world building...I don't even mind that much that these aliens are named after a Native American tribe.I had one of those moments. Those indescribable, wordless moments. It was agony and awe and wonder all in one. There was probably more thrown in the mix, but...I don't know, man. Indescribable. Whoooo what an emotional rush.