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The Seventh Veil

The Seventh Veil - Heidi Cullinan ASDJFKASD;HGOQDHSF;LA BAIT AND SWITCHI see what they did there...And I don't know if I like it or not. Goddamnit.Oookay. Hmm... I skimmed through a lot of it. I mean, it's fascinating and all that, but it got to the point where there was so much going on I didn't care for it all. Much like a lot of other fantasy. Most notably, the Lord of the Isles series. And much like this that series, I came to only care about 1 character (or in this case, 1 couple). Luckily, it was the main character/couple. Unluckily, there was still tons of stuff about others I cared not of. Johnny I kind of tuned into now and then. Maddy, not so much. Emily and ____ and ____ etc, I pm ignored completely. (I really don't remember their names. One of them was Alan? Unless he didn't actually show up that much. The other was another Perry...oh! Stephen!)I dunno. The beginning was so good. And then it dragged on and on. And then it was so dark that I just became desensitized to it all. It's weird. It's high fantasy. I dunno if it's M/M. I feel so confused.It really was quite confusing, but I just mostly gave up on trying to understand it and rode it out. I think I kind of get where it's going, if not where it's been. Look on the bright side, right?