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The Art of Touch

The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost So, I actually went and watched Teen Wolf since it seemed a lot of stuff that turned out to be p2p that I liked were Teen Wolf fanfics. My comments are below...kind of far below..**Words cannot describe how sad I was when it ended. D: I want more!It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Inane, witty, heart-wrenching, profound, and ajdsfkajsd;lgkahThis calls for a squeeEtA:Okay, what is this? Why are all these stories I end up liking P2P?And why does it seem like they're all Teen Wolf? Do I need to watch this series? I think I might have to.Removing 2 stars because it's P2P (which makes me think of BitTorrent cuz peer to peer...)*sighI'm sad.reread eta (after watching Teen Wolf):Honestly, I don't get it. I don't see how anyone could have gotten this from Teen Wolf at all. I mean, those characters in that were so flat Rosencrantz and Guildenstern seem like round characters.I also would like to say here that I have no idea how anyone could ship Derek and Stiles from watching that show. There was nothing there. There was more between Derek and Scott than there was between Derek and Stiles, and Scott was probably the only one who I actually couldn't see with anyone other than Allison.Seriously, I can't see Derek and Stiles having realistic interactions at all. I mean, there were maybe a couple of encounters in the show, but they were so obviously forced that there was nothing there. It was cold and sexless and the epitome of platonic interactions. I don't even think they particularly like each other, not because of UST, but because the entire show revolved around Scott. As I said, you saying Derek's got an unrequited crush on Scott would make a lot more sense than stuffing Derek with Stiles. I have no idea how anyone could pull enough from the show to create anything fanfic-wise.Then again, I skimmed the show pretty severely.Still, I didn't get the feeling that the characters from this were missing backstory when I first read it and now, having watched everything that is currently out (to season 3 ep 5), I still don't get the feeling these are ripped from the show. As I said, though, my regard for the show is pretty low in the characterization department. (And what's the deal with Derek? Why is he so useless in the show? I mean, there's shitloads of room for development there. That dude's like walking angst-fodder.)If anything, I thought the characters as defined by the show were mere archetypes at most. They weren't so much real characters as character outlines (at least, anyone other than Scott and Allison and occasionally Stiles were. Jackson was just a plot device...oh wait. other characters had actual character. Like the grandpa dude. and the father dude, sometimes).I dunno. Maybe it's because I empathize with Jared so much. I'm really socially awkward and those who know me know I suspect I probably rate on the sociopathic spectrum and these socially awkward, but endearingly clueless characters really, really appeal to me.Some of the phrasing's really weird and could be changed, but those are mostly descriptive-y stuff. It's got bits of randomness and weirdness that I like because I'm like that (You see? It's not just me).It's also clever because it doubles as the sleep-deprived thing (another thing I tend to chronically be).In summary, I guess I don't have that much problem with this being p2p because the show doesn't actually present a character so much as a character type for Derek, and to manage to make him and Stiles interact in a not-weird way seems like a feat worthy of any wordsmith.Besides. Jared is too inane to be Derek. Derek's the strong, silent type. Useless, but mostly empty when he's not being useless and pretending not to be useless.*sighI wanted Derek to be so much more BA.I feel like Derek could have been so much more BA, even without detracting focus from Scott. It's like the writers were scared Derek would dominate if they made him BA so they overcompensated and made him useless instead.He is by far the most useless Alpha I have ever seen. He gets his ass kicked regularly and has no discernible motivation other than the canned revenge schtick the writers tacked onto him (poor guy).Also, Kyle's a lot more (refreshingly) snide and conniving than Stiles is. He's more a character instead of a supporting class character. I'm sorry, but I really find Jared really adorable. Oh, Jared. You're so tsundere...I think the "backstory" issue that other people have isn't so much an issue.People get crushes. Or rather, other people get crushes, so I've been told. I've been told it happens, sometimes randomly and for seeming no reason. Having never had a crush before, maybe my standards for "randomly and for seemingly no reason" might be higher than that of others, but I didn't have an issue with their attraction. Or Kyle's attraction and Jared's continued obliviousness/denial.I also have no idea who Vanessa might be in the original show, which gives points in Frost's favor.That inane thing about his limbs colluding with the enemy...I think his lack of bodily-kinesthetic knowledge is a nice cherry on it and adds to his adorable factor.He's smart, but also naive and clueless and I dunno. He's kind of a Wooby, I think. Oh, Jared.*pat patThe way he sees the world, which is clear through the narration...*pat pat*strokes head like a kittyYou know...no. I'm fine with it. Completely fine. In my head, this isn't Derek and Stiles, I can't even begin imagining Derek and Stiles as Jared and Kyle. There was maybe one moment where I could have seen it as a Teen Wolf fanfic, but that was something about Jared rumbling a moan and I thought something like, "Oh. Maybe originally something like growled? (cuz he's a wolfy and all)"...but that was kind of it.I mean, even Sharp Teeth by meus_venator had weird dissonant moments for me because I actually saw the characters Sam and Dean as Sam and Dean and I could picture it with the original actors and stuff. You know, with the people and their characters and their mannerisms and stuff.Yeah, I'm rambling now...I also feel like Kyle's parental backstory is different from Stiles'And OH MY GOD I just realizedThe "Uncle Hamilton" person...is that supposed to be Peter from the show?I JUST REALIZED.And a magical connection has been made.Over half-way through rereading.The uncle that was mentioned briefly in the beginning and never talked about again.It's all good.You know what? The elements work. The elements make sense. It's light and floofy, but it has serious parts and it have subtle nuances that make sense and work into the plot beautifully and enrich the piece as a whole.The coffee thing was also amusing/endearing.And oh, hey. Said uncle is mentioned again.Nah. The relationship between said uncle and MC Jared are completely different than that in the show (between Derek and su tio Peter).See, Patrick here actually cares about Jared.And Kyle's young so his interactions make sense. I find myself in the odd position of being both socially awkward and young. I can empathize with both MC and LI. I get then, man. Get them.I still have no idea who Vanessa would be in the show. Oooh I got it!Jared's a geek!Actually, that much was obvious, but he's no longer the ugly duckling and he's the type who doesn't realize it. But then again, he doesn't realize he's no longer the ugly duckling (if he ever was) because he just dgaf. Oh, Jared. You and your mild sociopathy.I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore, but it's past 2AM here, so I think I deserve some slack.I did understand the "psycho-murderer" comment regarding Jared's expression, though. That came from the show. *raises hand* I remember it.:D idgaf, guyzThis thing's getting its 5-star back.