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Clear Water

Clear Water - Amy Lane Okay, I read this book a little earlier but forgot to add it. Let me see if I can recreate my reaction.OH MY GOD. THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS BEAUTIFUL. ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Oh, Patrick. How you tug at my metaphysical heartstrings...Patrick, the adorable bunny-cum-frog...Actually, this is an interesting book in that I actually liked all of the characters. There wasn't one I hated because of shitty writing.There was a plot-thing that was interesting-ish, but I don't really know because I was too busy squeeing over Patrick.Whiskey was nice, too, I guess, but again. Squeeing over Patrick.*shrug. Don't really know what else to say...Patrick! Why art thou so adorable?Honestly, though, I like the way Patrick's character develops throughout this book. I love that Whiskey is so nicely supportive without being a wannabe-Dom or surrogate-father-figure *shudders.The revelations surrounding Shawn were nice, too. I liked that he was actually incorporated into the story instead of being just a plot device. He actually kind of developed his own character which I think helped strengthen the overall book.