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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby It started off pretty good well (*shrugs I tend to think more in terms of a label rate-it-from-bad-to-good type thing, so that's why I typed "pretty good". *shrugs Oh, well. w/e [lol]), actually, but a little forced. I mean, I could see where the author was going for subtlety, but it still came off as rather forced "subtlety." For a while it was actually good. I was getting chills. And then shit happened.The first thing:"I am not stupid enough to be lured into a goddamned van, tearing my whole family apart!" Who talks like this? What kind of teenager talks like this? No one uses those stupid present participle phrases. Teenagers attempting to cram too much information into too few sentences use them in their essays. Honestly, if you try saying it out loud, it just...doesn't flow. It's not colloquial enough for speech.Funny how this one thing brought to my attention many other problems i have with this.After Aaron's freak-out over Allen's date: If he's so heavily sedated, how the fuck is he speaking so intelligently, coherently, and profusely? I mean, he's supposed to be sedated out of his mind (he's all "glassy-eyed" and stuff) and there he is, saying more words combined then I've seen in the previous 30-odd pages."Aaron went on, not commenting on his brother’s emotional outpouring, a dreamy quality to his voice, maybe because he rarely used it anymore."And this just sounds stupid. This is one of those odd jumps into omniscience that don't quite fit. And I fail to see how disuse of a voice would make it dreamy. Hoarse, maybe, but dreamy speech is generally caused by a state of mind. She even says "quality."And honestly, after a while, Aaron's "boo hoo, poor little me" routine got really old. I think John seems perfectly reasonable about the whole "find professional care" thing, given what he has. So Aaron pipes in with "His own father had given up on him, written him off to the insanity." Uh, overly defensive, much? I don't think Aaron heard his dad when he said "'because I don’t think we’re doing what’s best for him.'" Uh. Where's the writing off? Where's the giving him up to insanity? I'm only annoyed at this because of the variety of other issues that made me annoyed with the book as a whole. I think otherwise, I would have suspended my disbelief more and took it in stride as a matter of him developing past this point. As is, there's a weird dissonance. Aaron's got that "damaged" w/e but he also seems like he's just working himself up into this snit and not truly wholly traumatized now.Spencer's not much better either.AARRRRGGGGHHH I GIVE UP ON THIS. (this is the sound of me rage-quitting)2 because the first few pages actually were pretty good-ish.