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Know Not Why: A Novel

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson It is very late at night - early in the morning - and I don't feel like doing my own thinking. However, I do agree a lot with Emma and so will refer you to her review instead.(On a somewhat related side-ish note, I find myself agree with a lot of Emma's views (at least how they're portrayed on the internet). It is a somewhat interesting phenomenon.)It was very adorable. And Howie was a jackass in the beginning.And the Emily thing...She actually annoyed me. Maybe it's one of those paradoxical things where to me, it makes sense for me to dislike her but to others (aka, not-me-ers), it's more "O_o but you're so much alike...How could you possibly dislike her?"It's a trope I've observed in books before and I wonder if it applies here. *shrug.