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By His Rules

By His Rules - J. A. Rock 3 stars mostly because of Scott's characterization. I was pretty confused about it.I mean, first he comes off as a plainly sadistic bastard who seems hell bent on breaking Aiden. Why the heck did he call Keaton later and act all...normal? I mean, I understand that real people are multi-dimensional and most "evil" people aren't evil all of the time, but it just seemed completely out of the ordinary for him to be so caring, especially after Aiden has his little freak-out/break-down session. I guess I see Scott (from previous characterization) as the type to, when he comes off his sadistic whatever high, to probably freak out and just kick Aiden out. Yeah, there was the whole jazz about his tentative TLC moments, but I feel like it wasn't developed enough to the point that Scott would do something like that.EDITOkay, a quick reread showed a part I guess I missed about how Scott's loneliness and whatever were in full blast now, compared to how he was before. I dunno...I still am more intrigued with what happened to Scott. Now I kind of what some kind of reconciliation between all of them, mostly because Scott got so much negative press before and I guess now he's a different person...Keaton rounded on Scott. “What the hell were youdoing?”Aiden turned and saw, for the first time, ScottRunge looking nervous. “He wanted pain,” Scott said.“That’s it. No sex. Wouldn’t even let me touch him.” Hecleared his throat. “It’s my fault. I’ve been messaging himfor weeks, trying to get him to play. He never answereduntil tonight.”“You,” Keaton told Scott, “are a monster. A sadist.A rapist. And apparently a stalker too.”“Wait,” Aiden said. He wasn’t sure if what Keatonsaid was true or not. Maybe Scott was all of those things.Maybe Aiden should leave without ever speaking toScott Runge again. But he looked at Scott and didn’t seethe terrifying face from his nightmares. He saw a manwho was as confused as Aiden was about love, aboutrelationships, about pain. Scott had only whoever hetook home each night. He didn’t have anything like whatAiden and Keaton had. “Thank you,” Aiden said to Scott.“For calling Keaton.”Scott nodded.This part actually made me hate Keaton. First off, he did call. Second, it's not like Aiden replied and told him to fuck off or something. How was he supposed to know that Aiden wasn't just ignoring him from spite or because the "jealous boyfriend" didn't want him to make contact? As far as I can tell, it's not like Scott was threatening Aiden or anything. And with all due respect, he did stop after Aiden safeworded, even if he was tempted to continue.I guess I'm just upset that Scott got painted as the through-and-through evil villain when he clearly was not, especially later on. *shrugs