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Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Kaje Harper Some things about this ancient tridescant business makes me suspect it's based vaguely off of Chinese, especially the talks about pitch and inflection and those sample phrases Lyon had the Secondmage person try out, which I can see potentially actually happening with someone attempting to pronounce Chinese completely untutored. And, let's not forget, the ghost's name. His name is Xan. Not exactly transliterable Mandarin, but close enough to an Asian cast to make me suspect some Asian influence in his character development."Bespoking meals" was weird. I kept picturing weird food-clothing mutant crosses.:DHarper writes tortured so well.There were some comma placements that bothered me, but maybe it's a different manual of style or something...At least they were consistent?I liked it.Except for literally the very ending lines. They were...I dunno...too forcedly resolution-y. It became kind of gimmicky since it seemed like it was trying too hard to tie bit back into the title or whatever.Not gonna lie; "Kaje" is a cool name and oddly fitting for this book.I mean, kudos for how long it is. I liked most of it.