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Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1)

Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1) - S.U. Pacat,  C.S. Pacat *shrug. It's not bad. It's actually a quite intelligent approach to the whole slave thing, although the profusion of extraneous commas was quite irritating at the best of times.Anyways, I've been recently making a more active attempt to be more descriptive rather than prescriptive about my approach to books. It's worked wonders on my perception of the relative quality of said books.It feels rather short, for whatever reason.I think I do rather like it, but in a dispassionate sort of way, if that makes sense. Perhaps, then the shelf of "favorites" is misleading...It's a very intelligent approach to the whole matter, as I said, which is quite refreshing. It's a web of intrigue, but vol 1 still leaves you at the sort of "setting the stage" phase. The plots haven't quite started playing out yet, so what you really get is a sort of feeling of indefinite limbo.Interestingly fascinating, perhaps. I'm mildly interesting in the extras, but as of now it's a passing interest at best. Not quite enough for me to purchase the paperback and ebook.*shrug. Onward, I suppose.