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Me and Mine

Me and Mine - Sarah Goodwin,  Victoria Moule Misused homophone - "accept" does not mean the same thing as "except."Also, "ruse," not "rouse," which aren't even pronounced similarly.Gah. That's not even the last of it.Anyways, highlight:“Anyway, did you see what they’ve got planned for the new Delhi counters at the back of the store? What the hell are they thinking?”I was thinking the same thing. Why would the put New Delhi at the back of a grocery store? How would they even get it to fit? Or transport it in the first place?The writing's a little peculiar. When I was reading off my laptop, I didn't really notice (since I tend to kind of speed read), but when I was reading on my phone, it really jarred me. Specifically when it was talking about Aaron and his reaction. It was just...weird. Something about the POV isn't quite completely there. The writing at that point seemed oddly juvenile to me, although I didn't really notice when I got back home and started reading on my laptop again.Hmm...comma splices.I dunno. It wasn't bad. Interesting change of pace. Wedding plans and all...It was rather benign, especially towards the end.