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Nowhere Ranch

Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan So damn sweet!This one really blew me away. The characters really spoke to me and seemed realistic. Not once did any of it scream of angst to me, which is an amazing achievement because I've read so much and have become rather jaded towards the hurt/comfort genre. But hot damn! This one was just wonderful.I was a little bothered at first about the rough play and the psuedo-but-not-quite-BDSM (because I have come to take offense at misportrayed BDSM or contrived usage of it even though it's definitely nmk), but it somehow all worked into and with the storyline. The characterization was amazing and amazingly realistic and the pacing was wonderful. I didn't get that weird frantic feeling I sometimes get with m/m books. The grammar and punctuation was also wonderfully accurate, which is seriously refreshing after all of the frankly crappy grammar and punctuation errors I've encountered in m/m ebooks. (And seriously, on a somewhat side note, misused homophones have risen to become my number one pet peeve now all because of crappily edited - or perhaps not edited at all - ebooks. It really does suck when I get sidetracked because I see some glaring error that I have to rage about; guess my sophomore year English teacher really has trained me well after all...)Even the reconciliation in the end seemed beautifully realistic, which is pretty amazing. It didn't come off as contrived deus ex machina or obligatory HEA.This one gets extra kudos because the mind-screwy shiz was relatively tame - confined to the inferiority complex developed because of a rabidly religious family the wrong way. I mean, I was all excited because of how well-written I thought the beginning narrative of Finding Zach was (I'm not going to say more, cuz it'll probably spoil that one...) and that's the kind of stuff I usually really devour. Even the kid was cute. I mean, usually I don't like it when there are kids cuz it kind of feels like the obligatory/accusatory message "See? Even gay couples can have kids and be happy" kind of thing, but I feel like it all did work out and somehow, it had been building up to that.It all worked. I was especially happy with the ending, because too often m/m writers just write HEA dumps at the end. (You have to admit sometimes characters have stupid epiphanies when they have no business getting them - either it's the wrong time, it's completely OOC for whatever character development might have already occurred, or there just wasn't enough impetus for a magical revelation.) This one, though, set you down gently at the end after all of the tension. As I was saying, too often you have rushed falling action/denouements that just end up ruining the entire thing. (Oh, great. Now I'm getting all technical.) I especially loved that while there were mini-climaxes (haha, laugh all you want), there was a main plot and therefore an overall direction. It gave it structure and balance. I especially loved that while there was...fornication...it wasn't the purpose (or at least, sole purpose) and was usually a means to and end as opposed to an end in and of itself, which gave this book body.This has gone on pretty long now, and any more ranting and I'll probably start repeating myself in my delighted ravings, and this is pretty much all I remember off the top of my head, so I'll just cut this short (well, shorter than it'll probably be if I end up going through and raving about everything).Amazing book, extremely well-written (imo), and overall a great read that wasn't just book-porn.later editOkay, I'd forgotten about this because I can selectively read, and I guess the more hard-core BDSM stuff totally slipped my mind. (I was reading some review to see what other people thought and indignantly wonder why this book doesn't have a higher overall rating :D)But anyway, I just feel I have to say my piece about that.It was definitely nmk, and I might have ended up (aka probably most likely ended up) skimming through that part, but it didn't really scream at me as being contrived for the sake of having hard-core shit, so I guess it fit with whatever was going on around that.Anyway, I'm going to shut up now before I launch onto a somewhat, but not quite, unrelated tangent. :D5/14/13 EtAThe above kind of makes me want to cringe. There's this one section that I think makes me sound like an uninformed pompous asshole. I guess a little knowledge really is a dangerous thing...Anyways, reread it. Still loved it. Didn't have any issues with it this time (the whole "___ disturbed me"). Dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing, though. It could mean I'm more open now. It could also mean I've grown more and more depraved. Ah, well. Let's just got with less innocently naive and, well, I'm not in the DMC for nothing, right?