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Dark Space

Dark Space - Lisa Henry Hmmm... what to say? It was good, I think. I think the blurb was a little more dramatic than the actual story was. The concepts of the story were cool and rather fascinating, but I thought the climax was meh and the resolution rather trite in a deus ex machina sort of way. It wasn't...bad, per se, but just...too easy. And unexplained. To me, it doesn't really make sense for Kai-Ren to just let Cam go. I mean, I can think of some possible reasons why, but I don't really have enough objective information on the Faceless for me to definitively say and because of that, it seems rather meaningless.Also, I didn't quite understand why/how the romance formed between Cam and Brady. I get the whole biochemistry thing, but there also seemed to be a bit something more that would have been nice to have been expounded upon and established their romance as more of a "legitimately developed" romance instead of just a foregone-conclusion of a bi-product.