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Love Comes Silently

Love Comes Silently - Andrew  Grey Lol awk because I live in Pleasanton, except in California. This was interesting/weird. I found it funny that Hanna wanted to be Barbie, considering her adopted father is Ken.The story itself was adorable. Kudos for having a kid and having serious focus on the cancer part, but still developing the relationship between Ken and Patrick.Obviously, I've never had cancer before, but parts of this rather reminded me of Lurlene McDaniel's works and of this random book I read as a kid called Zink (something about a polka-dotted zebra...)Yeah. Uhh, idk about the merits of the sex since I skipped that. Anyways, I read this at a good time. I had some bad emotionally stuff and I wanted something that was profound, but uplifting and still sweet at this was that. One thing, though. I kind of was expecting Ken to top, but he doesn't...These expectations of who tops and who doesn't probably has some sort of deep psychological root in cultural perceptions and whatnot.*sighThis is where I stop typing instead of psychoanalyzing myself and cultural constructs in a review.