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Protection - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins I don't even know where to start...I'd like to say this book blew me away, but I think I'm still rather numb, probably shell-shocked. Definitely not an easy read...actually, it was quite brutal. I'm mostly an escape reader (though I find that recently I've had less patience for a steady diet of light reads and have started searching for books with more meaning, but that's besides the point), and my first inclination is to say I didn't enjoy the book, but then I'm forced to confess that that's just denial. This actually reminds me of how I reacted to the ending of Gone with the Wind.Maybe not the most appropriate of places for gut-spilling, but here it is:For all that I profess to be cynic, in the end I have to admit that I'm a romantic at heart. Though I dislike HEAs because they can't exist (if a person is happy all of the time, then he is not happy because he doesn't have any way of differentiating happiness from sorrow, etc.) I still long for them. I mean, for all that I wanted there to have been some kind of magical loophole, I had to admit that none could possibly exist.Well, anyway, I'll probably start feeling the effects of this after the initial shock has worn off. Definitely a good read.8/9/12 ETAFinally read Coda. It was so sweet! Of course, my heart still aches for Joey's inability to clear his name completely, but that he was able to work around that is certainly a plus.