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The Violet and the Tom

The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo Hmm...what to say?I was definitely unsettled by the epilogue. Well, the total role reversal always bothered me a bit - how does he just...cast it off (Well, Nygell most of all, but both of them)? Yeah, he might hate his lifestyle and all, but I'd think that having grown up with it, there'd be some habits that might be more difficult to just turn off.The epilogue...it reflected a little too much of Syl's earlier thoughts for my tastes. A little too fast, I think. Just a little while ago, he was a Lord of the Palace, illegitimate son to the King, yes, but still highly regarded. I mean, unless he were treated like a servant the entire time or habitually used as the whipping boy, I'd think he'd have even a bit of arrogance, for all that he feels he owes so much to the people. The epilogue just seemed a little too Stockholm for me. Not quite the full-out thing, but it certainly channels that vibe... (I mean, this is a total immersion into the mindset. Yeah, he had doubts on his ability to humble himself, but the main issues he had were with his physical ability to act the way Sylvan previously had.)And the ease with which Syl just takes on the master's role...I liked that the author acknowledged his trepidation, but I still felt he cast off his training a little too easily.There was more, but that really stuck out to me as feeling...off.The premise is interesting and the setting well developed. I do agree that this piece has a lot of potential. I think the main problem was it was a little rushed, at least, to me. Parts of it also seemed suspiciously like ret-conning, but since it WAS published through fictionpress (chapter by chapter, I get it), I'm willing to let that go.The anachronism, I could pick at, but I'll choose to regard it as creative anachronism and just let it go. I think I was only bothered by it because it advertised as a historical novella, and I'd been expecting it to be more...historical.3/5 because it felt so rushed and that ended up affecting the story. Maybe more like a 3.5/5? 2 stars because the awkward characterization towards the ending ended up bothering me more and more the more I thought about it.I feel compelled to say this, but the above is purely my opinion. And just because I picked out what bothered me to write about does not mean I didn't like any of it. I tend to play the Devil's advocate more than the gushing fangirl.2013/3/11 ETA:Lol I'm the awkward one in the bunch (of people I'm GR friends with/follow) that didn't like this...Ah, well. C'est la vie.