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Be My Boy

Be My Boy - Casey K. Cox Oh. My. Goodness. This is definitely not your average BDSM book.For one thing, the sub is older. Like, way older. That changes a lot of the dynamics and kind of gives a more real insight into the BDSM world. (It's easy in some of the other ones to get just caught up in the moment and forget about what might happen after they get old and...idk, are in nursing homes or something.The writing is amazing. The characters really spoke to me. I connected to intimately with Owen's pain that even I was surprised at how much my heart ached for him.9/25/12 ETAParts of it are a little confusing, but I think that's because of the British English rather than any genuine error on the author's part. Not really knowing much of the finer points of British English, this is what I'm forced to assume.