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The Truth About Riley

The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke tl;dr versionGreat concept. Execution was a bit lacking.the usual "comments I made as I was reading and didn't bother to organize cuz who organizes streams of consciousness?Okay. If the dude is the that dude, why does he not see him on the phone? And why does he not see Riley's lips moving when he hears the magic voice through the magic telephone machine? I mean, we're supposed to assume blond-coffee-shop-scarred guy is Riley, right? Unless it's a trick and he's not actually Riley?And it keeps happening! And Cam never notices a phone. You'd think he'd notice a phone, right? I mean, it's cute and all, but this should have been lampshaded. It's getting to a point where I have a hard time believing Cam would be such a dense idiot as to not notice these coincidences, especially if he's starting to become interested in his "mysterious scarred blond." I mean, I've never had a crush before, but I've read about them and people have told me about theirs and from what I understand, crushes make people think about whoever they're crushing on. I do agree with their verdict of Wicked, though. That thing... I actually don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't really softcore porn, as a friend of mine described it. And then they started discussing other real-life books, which weirded me out. The classics, no prob. Augusta Li, though? It made me suspicious of her, especially since I've upped the suspicion level in absense of any rightful brain activity from the MCs.And then Amy Lane was mentioned, and the invasion of real life became a bit more weird.And then a Supernatural reference.I dunno, man. I mean, I get weirded out when there's pop culture references in my fics. Music doesn't really matter since I don't know much about modern pop music anyways, but other stuff...especially other books...So, there I was, at about 36%. I've actually started dreading reading on because there's so much farce. Little bits and things leading up to this point have made me hyper-aware of the actual words of the story, how it's put together, and such. There's probably a better and more technical term for this, but I just woke up, so screw thinking.I don't like the other characters. The Amy character and the other character and whatever. Plot devices, not particularly likeable ones, not ones I want to get to know better or even be in the vicinity of.And here I begin skimming.I kept getting drawn away to Captive Prince, even towards the beginning, but I'd written that off as me getting caught up in rereading. Getting to the "this is annoying me" point, though, I'm not so sure about that anymore.I came to in time to catch the whole dating thing, which was interesting, actually.But, oh, God. I think I figured it out. Why this annoys me so much. It really is the blind leading the blind, and the blond with the fluffy white dog thing...shouldn't Riley have at least paused and thought, "Huh. I'm a blond with a fluffy white dog"?Except apparently he did, but he's still paralyzed by fear, and there's no one there to kick his ass into gear, really, and it's all becoming really fucking stupid.But it's marginally okay. I'm nearing the end of the book, which means someone's going to come and kick his ass into gear. You remember what I said above? About pop music? Except True Colors, it seems. I know that song, and it makes it weird.Eh. It ended and I thought it was cheesy instead of touching. Yeah, it was sweet, but it was tinged with cloying. Or maybe saturated with it.And this comes from the girl who likes to eat powdered sugar straight. Which reminds me. I need to go and get some more.Anyways, a series of disjointed, partly incoherent thoughts later, I thought it...wasn't bad. I didn't really like it and I rather hated it at times. It wasn't a completle waste of time, I suppose.*shrug. I dunno. I feel like it's got a great concept, but it just didn't completely pan out for me. But it's not completely horrible, so I can see this book doing it for someone else. It just didn't do it for me.