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Take My Picture

Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis Within the first couple of pages, I already hated Aaron's guts.I mean, maybe it was presumptuous of me, but I assumed that he was looking for a job. Yeah, he has no idea what it is, but that doesn't really give him a right to be completely rude to his presumptuous would-be employer. And seriously, that's all Aaron is the entire time: completely rude and without respect. I mean, Jake needs film and Aaron tells him it sucks to be him. What kind of assistant is that?I couldn't even continue reading after the whole "I remember exactly when he touched me first" whatever thing. The characterization is unrealistic given the setting and contrived for the sake of reaching the author's end. I can tell the author's trying to write it so it's "poor little Aaron who has to deal with the melodramatic, selfish, demanding, pompous diva of a photographer Jake" but all I'm left with is a whole lot of hate for Aaron and a whole lot of sympathy for Jake. Seriously, this thing reads like a bad fanfiction. I mean, it's already an abusive relationship and there isn't even a "relationship" yet! I want nothing more for Aaron to just go away and leave Jake alone, for all that he's in love with him and all. I mean, the entire thing is a farce.Needless to say, I'll refrain from rating this since I couldn't get through it and I doubt I ever will. Rating it regardless. 11/25/12 ETA: reaction to some reviews I readLet me just say that I disliked the premise of this because I don't believe love should be all about sacrifice on the part of one person. I feel like there should be a relationship and that there should be some give-and-take. As Owens put it in [b:Dominion of the Eth|12816853|Dominion Of The Eth (Wings #2)|J.C. Owens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317985361s/12816853.jpg|17966240], it's not about just doing anything for the other person because wanted it ("...I did not understand love, either. I thought it was giving in, accepting everything you chose to do."). That is why I reacted so negatively so early on in the book. Okay, maybe Aaron redeems himself later on, but from the reviews I'd read when I was actually attempting to read it, it doesn't quite happen that way. Maybe I'll one day feel like reviving this, but for now, it'll stay in my dnr shelf... (ETA I doubt said reviving will ever happen)