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The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Lane, omg, Lane. Lane is such a puppy. A poor, abused, wounded little puppy. He is Andy. It's quite cleverly written, quite subtly written. The whole money-principle motif was genius.I love how the intrigue and character interactions were interwoven. You get a good sense of each and even experience idyllic pockets of romance and sweetness, but the intrigue is never really that far away and that makes it all the more powerful.There was a magical connection I made.The parrot calls Lane "Dolores." Sorrows.THERE'S SO MUCH DEPTH IMBEDDED IN THE TEXT. I'M, LIKE, HAVING A LITERARY ORGASM.The thing with Stephen. So. Much. Amazingness.Too much, man. Too much to rave about. Too much to enumerate.