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Fettered - Lyn Gala Eh. Idk, man.It's weird, but in a good way. I don't have first-hand experience with any BDSM scene, so idk how accurate its depiction is or isn't.My first reaction was censure, actually, against Vin's (And Dolphinia, I guess) whole not-discussing or whatever thing. Actually, I don't quite remember what, but it was the at-first kind of thing.I kind of reined myself in, though (because I do when I have extreme reactions of censure) and thought about it some more, and it somehow made a weird sort of sense to me. I've long since lost that feeling/revelation since I've already settled into it all, but it's interesting. It provides a different view of a kind of different sort of BDSM from any I've read so far. I hesitate to call it more realistic since, as I said, I don't really know, but I can see it in a "realistic" sort of situation.It's very...blunt, I guess?The kink isn't all mystified. Something like that. Argh. I'm having a really hard time articulating exactly what it is...It's all stated in such a way that is very bluntly realistic. Unlike other BDSM books, I feel like I'm actually in our world as opposed to some kind of plane removed. Don't get me wrong. It has its fantasy times. However, it also has those sort of down-to-earth times that makes you instinctively rail against it a bit because it sounds so...not-okay (in a sort of "that's abusive" sort of way), but when you stop and think about it, you realize it's just another way of looking at things.Actually, there is one thing that is quite mystified. That would be Dylan's subspace. That thing almost had a life of its own. It actually reminds me of sort of a trance state or something. But then...You know, I don't know. I never really did figure out what subspace is besides the magical mental state that any good sub worth his/her salt can enter. Or something.But, I mean, during that weird receipt-sorting scene, the "quiet" that kept trying to overtake him...Maybe it was just the way it was phrased...Towards the end, though, it starts feeling like it's trying too hard to be different from the "run-of-the-mill" BDSM book out there now.Yeah, a lot of the stuff in here is into the "deeper" end of BDSM, but that's evident in just the content. I feel like the whole "We ain't those pathetic sanitized Doms" thing was pushed just a liiiittle too much.It also kind of annoyed me because there was this sort of Holier than Thou attitude going on in regards to the relative intensity of the BDSM. "They are not intense enough; therefore, they are not true practitioners."Kind of reminded me of the bug-chasers' mentality...And again, this is merely my impression as a non-practicing reader. I also don't really like how Gary was pretty much ignored towards the end. Yeah, there was that line about time moving forward and Gary no longer really becoming that important/overarching part of their lives, but...idk. I guess I wanted more on Gary since his story seemed most interesting after Dylan became nominally "normal" (or resolved of the main issues that were driving this book).I also feel like we don't really actually get to know Vin. I for one still feel as if I only know of him as to really knowing him and that sort of hurt the story's impact for me.Eh. 3.5, I guess.I did rather like the beginning and into the middle part (Dylan's narration was absolutely amazing, stirring, heart-rending), but I think I liked it less and less as it went on. Which isn't to say I hate it, of course. It's just...the feeling of "meh" grew more and more as it went on.The content didn't quite do it for me right now, but the writing itself is really rather good, so there's that.