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Blind Faith

Blind Faith (Blind Faith #1) - N.R. Walker This is a really good one.The characterization is vivid and I love the way Walker explores the issues and concepts xe (argh, I'm going to use those non-existant gender-neutral pronouns to refer to authors from now on, sheesh =_=) evokes.It was a nice read. Solid. I could get a good sense of each character's voice and the female characters weren't flatter than plot devices either.I also really liked that neither character was absolutely perfect, but their character flaws were Flanderized either.I did, however, think the Path to Brady's acceptance was a little too obvious, though, in a "this is what needs to happen next. Bam" sort of way. However, even though it seemed a bit obvious, it was still developed to that point and other than it's abruptness in the way it was presented, it made sense.A very edifying read. This is one of those faith-in-humanity-restoring reads :D