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Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Anything else I might have said has been eclipsed by the ending.What the fuck. What. The fuck.You goddamn bastard. How the fuck dare you end on such a note?I hate you. I despise you. Shame on you. Shame on your family. Shame on your goddamn cow.Luckily, it seems I made a couple of comments as I was reading:OMG, DON QUIXOTE:D I get the reeeffeereeeence~And wow is this powerful. I think the elements are actually handled quite well. But that ending....damn you. Damn you to the deepest levels of hell. May you burn for all eternity. May you be rent limb from limb and your fiery remains scattered to the winds and your spirit set to wander the Earth restless and unmourned, constantly seeking and illusive peace.It is with great grudging disgruntlement that I grant this book 4 stars *grumblesSee, this wouldn't be so bad if a bk2 were already out.Or if Miki and Kane seemed more solid w/ e.o.Or if "Sinjun" is actually explained. *throws hands up in exasperation.Anyways, many, many flashbacks to AP Lit and discussions on Orientalism (Said).