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Brown-eyed Devil

Brown-eyed Devil - Evan Gilbert Holy fuck. That was literally my reaction when I finished. I even said it out loud, too. Argh, this book. Just... this book. It. I. Have no idea what to say. It's weird and deeply complex and all conflicted and it's kind of disjointed, but it gave me chills and I cannot wait for the sequel. I am, actually, quite rabidly awaiting any further installments. And I know it's very illogical of me, seeing as this book literally almost just came out, but I want the sequel. And I want it now. *throws a virtual temper tantrum. Argh. Why couldn't I have put off reading this for a couple more months like everything else I put in my to-read shelf?If ever there were any star-crossed lovers, then surely it would be Myron and Anoki. Oh, how my metaphysical heart aches...