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The Actor and the Earl

The Actor and the Earl - Rebecca Cohen O:Please, please let this one be good...Also, I know this font. It is called Vivaldi.post-read ETA:Absolutely stunning. I especially love that the historical element wasn't completely an annoying gimmick of a plot device, as it is in some others.It was witty, clever, inane, emotional. Rather in the style of Shakespeare - or perhaps more accurately reminiscent of some of Shakespeare's comedies - but certainly a lot more readable, as it is in modern English as opposed to Shakespearean. I love that it's historically accurate-ish and nonesuch.(Actually, it's more like stage Shakespeare, but at least that's better than complete anachronism...)There is urgency and secrecy, but not crushingly so, not so weighing to the point that the reader can't simply enjoy the little inanities of everyday life, which makes it all the more real.A clever, clever little read and highly enjoyable. I almost didn't want to set it down, but alas, it had been getting late in the hour and I realized I really should get at least a couple of hours of sleep before waking (*cough cough* later) in the morning to get on with the day.