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The Condor

The Condor - Isa K. Holy hole in a donut. Isa K, girl, where have you been my entire m/m-reading life?This book. Words cannot even describe it. Or rather, I can't find the words to describe it. It's ingeniously written. The narrative is smooth, which is a great plus, and I don't hate the characters. There's this beautiful edge of moral ambiguity about the whole thing that brings it to life in a non-cheesy manner. I won't say it's perfect cuz I don't like what happened with the whole Liam/Harry/Logan and how that was resolved, but that's more a personal preference from my closet romantic, so w/e.It's interesting and has those little truisms worked in in an ironic manner. It's interesting and calls on an age-old trope in m/m, but it's also deliciously quirky. It shows the whole prostitution thing from both sides and sheds nice light on both. And yet, it's not bleak or anything. I mean, shit happens, but...life just...goes on. Much like real life.Oh, the irony that I read this so I could read bk 1.5 (It's called Tinsel Is Like Bondage for Trees. How could I possibly resist that?)...