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Moonlight Becomes You (Lucky Moon)

Moonlight Becomes You  - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea This was weird for me because I read the second one first. This seems like an eery parallel of the second one. Although I guess it's technically the other way around...The fight though...that was probably the weirdest part, hearing it repeated. (Yeah, technically, this came first, but it seemed like a repeat for me).I think, though, I have a better appreciation for Nicky. I know if I'd just read this before reading the second one, I probably would have just written Nicky off as an unimportant side character - which he is. It's a little peculiar to have such a deeper understanding of him while I'm learning to understand Shane.It was weird. An almost surreal experience. But still sweet. It was definitely a cute story, angst and all.