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A Matter of Time: Vol. 1

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes =_= SO. MANY. DAMN. GRAMMAR. MISTAKES.Mostly punctuation, but those can be the most annoying. (It gets extremely exasperating. This one is mostly missing commas, which ends up making everything seem like a damn run-on when it's not really.) Some of the phrasing is awkward, too, which is also distracting.There was something that kind of annoyed me, but it's kind of subtle and I almost didn't catch it. Supposedly, orphans, abused kids, kids who need love, etc. have a need to find a place they belong. That need becomes like a void. To fill the void, most orphans turn to either drugs or sex. That being said, I came to the realization about 1/3 of the way in that Jory was probably the sex kind, which would explain all of the boyfriends (well, one-night stand kind of things) and his frankly somewhat annoying attitude.Still, a pity that didn't make him any less annoying. Also, he squinted a lot. I guess the grammar put me on high-alert or something, but after a while, all of his squinting really started to get annoying.The entire thing just seemed so...fake. There characterization didn't work for me at all. I felt Jory was much, much too blasé about the whole thing. How the hell did he just walk right out of the hospital? What happened to "bleeding all over" one of the dudes who was trying to kidnap him (okay, that could have been overexaggeration, but there had to have been SOME blood...)?Another thing, for all his criticism of Harcourt, he's kind of the same way. Just saying...Not bad, but I grew progressively less and less interested. Heck, I didn't even really care anymore that several someones was trying to kill Jory.The blurb is kind of misleading, since it's a lot more melodrama than anything else. Also, it's told from Jory's POV so whatever insight we get on Sam's inner turmoil comes second-hand, really.And really, all of the missing commas were extremely exasperating. I mean shouldn't there be a natural pause between certain phrases kind of like the one that should have been at the beginning of this sentence but wasn't there? The lack of commas makes me mentally read it without the natural breaks that ought to be there, causing me to feel extremely rushed and frantic, like I'm racing after a speeding train that I almost - but not quite - can catch. Putting in the natural breaks manually slows down my reading, making it seem jerky and disrupting whatever flow might or might not have been there otherwise.[One of my favorites "'It's too pretty to cut Jory.'" (I think she's actually talking about his hair.)]Detective Kage was also a little too blasé about being outed. His token mental breakdown seemed like just that - a token mental breakdown. It was subverted by an extremely random and very weirdly tangential follow-up, random argument thing, before they finally get back to the main tangent about his sister and her hubby's best friend. And then they go on another tangent again. And Jory's superpower is Specialis Revelio, and pretty soon the sister's spilling her guts to a complete stranger. *nods. Sounds about right. Finally, this all leads to the main tangent - is that an oxymoron? - being resolved. Cut back again to token mental breakdown. Whoopie. The lesson to take from all of this is sex is a panacea. It's a fucking magical cure-all for any sort of shitty situation. :D(This is sounding more like a play-by-play commentary, but just bear with me, if anyone is actually reading this and is still reading.)I don't know a lot about police whatever procedure, but let me see if I have this straight. People are trying to kill Jory. He gets put under protective custody. Detective Kane decides to take him to visit his mother.I mean, I'm not exactly a police officer and I don't personally know any, so I can't say for certain, but I've heard that the whole gay-policeman-no-big-deal thing is kind of a myth. *shrugs. It just seemed weird to me and certainly didn't ingratiate the plot or characterization to me any more. Also, as the officer in charge of Jory's protective custody, isn't there some sort of non-ethical thing about him getting in a relationship with his possible witness? (It was his case, right? I think he was the undercover dude who griped about two years going down the drain? Even if he hadn't been, he has to be connected to the case somehow, I'd think. Well... *shrugs)Also, Jory seemed incongruously panic-less in reaction to the sudden and unexpected deepening of relations between him and Sam. I mean, I'd think, given his history and everything Calmes had worked to establish about his personality that he'd have issues with the whole situation. Or at least parts of it. The entire thing seems extremely superficial. I don't connect with any of the characters at all, not even Jory, and he's telling the story in first person. I had a little chill when I came to the conclusion about the sex-to-fill-the-void thing, but the subtlety of it clashed so horribly with the excuse for characterization that I'm not even sure that was on purpose. I actually feel kind of let down by it as a whole, and also because it has such a high rating on Goodreads (well, for me, anything 4.0+ is considered pretty good *shrugs).It actually kind of reads like a shojo manga, now that I think of it. Love polyhedron and all.Ooooh a twist. Wtf? So, I guess it turns out he hadn't been in protective custody after all... What was the whole him staying at Sam's house jazz then? Did I miss something in the cursory skim I could barely force myself to do?Reading the blurb, I had actually been interested in reading the entire series, but now I'm left with a feeling of disappointment and vague annoyance rather than any interest to pursue.