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Notturno - Z A Maxfield Beautiful. Just...beautiful.Adin and Donte both have my heart. And the passages from Donte's journal were so amazingly poignant. I have to admit, I didn't exactly know what to expect going into the book - usually I read the blurbs, then read the story, but I forewent it this time. I think the passages really added that "something special" to the story and the getting-to-know-Donte-by-proxy-almost actually worked. It helped add that layer of complexity to his character as befits his age and...vampireness, for lack of a better term.Although when Donte showed up in Adin's backyard, I became rather uncomfortable because I started unconsciously making Twilight parallels (*shudders) (but seriously. "Why do you trust me?" "I don't know; I just do." "You shouldn't trust me - I'm a monster." *shrugs "Sure" =_=)...but when he mentioned the rented Volvo, I think I literally laughed out loud.