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Gift of the Raven

Gift of the Raven - Angela Fiddler I feel like there's information missing, like this is part of a series, so there's some info the author didn't bother giving, since xe'd already given it before.

Cory's backstory made sense, to a point, and then it seemed to backtrack, and ret-con, or something. Like it tried to elaborate, but ended up mixing things up and changing things weirdly and stuff. Very odd.

Electrical burning also was a weird phrase. Usually the smell you get when you turn on a heater after a long period of disuse is the dust burning. Maybe that's the "electrical burning"?

I dunno, this story is weird because it does have all these interesting elements, but the entire thing doesn't quite gel, and some of the motivations and whatnot didn't quite make sense.

And and the end, it says it's set in the same universe as a different series. Well, that explains a lot.

Hmm...Yeah, I liked it. It's a solid 3.5 stars. The whole thing is a bit rough, but it definitely had potential.